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Time to Invest in Your Website (again)

Like waves on the beach, your website should constantly bring in new customers. Each time you refresh your site with a new blog post, an updated sales event, or other fresh messaging, your efforts should be rewarded and measurable. If that doesn’t sound like your site, then you need to invest in your website again.

Maybe you have been burned in the past with sub-standard work or cost overruns by a contractor that over-promised and under-delivered? Let the experts at RH+M3 show you how to take a dull, lifeless website and turn it into a revenue stream. Our technology team will sit down with you to learn about your current marketing efforts and your comfort level, then tailor a website that exactly fits your needs. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the technical details under the hood.

You already know that you stand to lose customers and money if you don't take action. If you browse to the sites of your competitors, you probably see that they’ve reached the same place you’re at, with varying degrees of success. You can jump ahead of the pack if you take bold, decisive action today.

Active, lively websites are vital to modern marketing programs. Your website should be the active, branded landing site that your email program and social media campaigns drive potential customers to. Once someone has clicked on a link from your email to your site, you don’t want to lose them because you tried to save money on a web page. Gone are the days when a website sat lifeless, like an electronic version of your sales pamphlet. Today’s investment has to work hard for you, 24/7, to attract the smart, savvy customers that will fuel your future.

You must first coordinate your entire marketing campaign, with a mission statement, value proposition, and more. Then put together the tactics that will reinforce your brand messaging. Then, when all those plans are in place, meet with an expert to strategize about your website.

Here are some bullet points:

• Consider its look and feel, how easy it will be to move around and click through to the landing pages you want your customers to end up on.

• Do you have a product or service that lends itself to video demos?

• Are there white papers you can give away, or should you steer your prospects to blog posts where you can talk in depth with them?

• Determine your main Call to Action – do prospects contact you via a form, or do you want to get them on the phone so you can start your pitch?

However your campaign shapes up, you want to make sure your website is doing its part in the overall strategy. Contact RH+M3 today to get started, whether for your very first website or if you just don’t like the results you’re getting with your current version. We’ll show you how to make your site the bedrock of your marketing campaign, with search engine optimization (SEO), advanced metrics, analytics, and more. We won’t guarantee it’s the last investment in your website that you’ll ever make – just the smartest one to date.

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