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RH+M3 is a full-service marketing agency that has experience with every kind of messaging and marketing document imaginable. Our skills and experience lie in these areas:

Case Studies

Our writers have the technical chops to explain complex technical subjects to an equally technical audience. We can communicate at any appropriate level, depending on your needs. Some of the case studies we’ve worked on showed how a company solved a vexing problem with a new release or a new tool. In other studies,  we showed how a small snippet of sample code can push developers through a troublesome roadblock. Whether you need to demonstrate technical superiority, thought leadership, or an active release schedule, we can show the world your best side.


Whether you are communicating quarterly to your employees, or distributing monthly messages to your customer base, you can’t afford to cut corners. Employees are demotivated when they see typos, click dead-end links, or see fuzzy photographs in a company newsletter. Customers grow wary of your quality promise when they see quality issues in your messaging. By hiring an outside agency to produce your newsletters, you get a fresh perspective, you get industry best practices, and you get a virtual team that can deliver. If your current newsletter is suffering from issues with quality, deadlines, distribution, or messaging, RH+M3 can get you back on track.

Marketing Campaigns

Too many companies don’t have the time to regularly plan and execute a communications program that relies on coordinating their website, Twitter handle, blogging calendar, and email campaign. Instead of meshing the gears smoothly between competing entities, many teams make the mistake of letting everyone go their own way. Our professionals cut through the clutter and keep everyone aligned, make sure the lines of communication stay open, and continually collaborate with stakeholders to keep everyone on task. You need strong-willed project managers to keep those creative writers on deadline, and RH+M3 supplies both.

Stories & Articles

There’s nothing like a graphics-rich, professionally produced news article to communicate your marketing message. Whether in print or online, circulated as hard copy at conferences or sent via PDF through email, a crisp, clean article is a thing of beauty. When you invest in bylined articles that have a consistent look and feel, it says that you pay attention to details, you know how to align your messaging, and that professionalism is important. We can produce individual articles or entire magazines. Our proven processes enable us to juggle even the most demanding editorial calendar.

Blog Posts

One of the best ways to continually contact your customers is through an active blog. You can spend between 250 and 750 words to update the world about your product; point out newsworthy events concerning contests, announce new partnerships; and otherwise signal that you’re alive. We can ghost-write your executive staff posts and set you up on a regular, repeatable schedule so that you don’t go for long, silent stretches. Our team can work from a list of proposed headlines; meet with key voices; scrupulously edit your copy; and make you look smart, active, and knowledgable. We’ll do the heavy lifting – you approve the copy.

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