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Our Process

Strategy is at the heart of RH+M3. It’s behind our drive to solve a complex business problem, is the fuel that drives us to new visions, and it permeates nearly every discipline of our organization. When we create content, we do it with these goals in mind: 


Strategy Minion

Complex marketing programs employ many types of content, each with goals that report to a central strategy and a need to harmonize. RH+M3 excels in the content proxy role between clients and their audiences. Brands today are engaging in audience dialogues rather than monologues... the ante has been upped. RH+M3 can help you create and maintain a multi-channel, data-driven, content marketing program in the following ways: 



Editing Minion

Creating rich, engaging experiences is a matter of pride for RH+M3. Let us help you assemble multiple disciplines so that every area of the organization collaborates, from art direction and messaging to human factors and structural engineering. Our infectious enthusiasm and proactive management will energize every interaction with the following tools: 



Channel Management Minion

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