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Complex marketing programs employ many types of content, each with goals that report to a central strategy and a need to harmonize. RH+M3 excels in the content proxy role between clients and their audiences. Brands today are engaging in audience dialogues rather than monologues... the ante has been upped. RH+M3 can help you create and maintain a multi-channel, data-driven, content marketing program in the following ways: 


  • Content Auditing. Each content piece must improve the quality of the life-cycle engagement by prospects and customers with your brand. A content audit can reinvigorate your program and expose what’s out-of date, inappropriate, or confusing. RH+M3 experts can refresh your content for higher visibility in search engines, sharable social media, and more.


  • Content Creation. Command of the written word as it relates to the art of persuasion is unarguably one of the most powerful skills in marketing. RH+M3 brings effective copy-writing fundamentals to the table and then we kick it up a notch. Our words can provide an aura of professionalism that will turn heads and take names. We provide whatever the situation calls for–swagger, humility, pride, leadership, and more–in the appropriate format, including email, newsletters, web copy, blog posts, case studies, solution briefs, ebooks, white papers, and articles.


  • Editing and Proofing. RH+M3 will protect your brand’s integrity and credibility. We shepherd your reputation with our very own and we take editing and proofing very seriously. We work hard to produce flawless text that enhances contextual usability, consistency, and audience acceptance of your brand messaging.


  • Design. The separation between good design and great design is an appreciation for the complete human condition. Great design aims at two objectives: to provide a physical solution and a psychological motivation. The designers on tap with RH+M3 take this to heart while creating great experiences that leave lasting impressions.


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