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Strategize and Plan


Strategy is at the heart of RH+M3. It’s behind our drive to solve a complex business problem, is the fuel that drives us to new visions, and it permeates nearly every discipline of our organization. When we create content, we do it with these goals in mind:


  • Strategic Marketing. Armed with an unbiased view of the marketing equation, RH+M3 can provide research-based and data-driven recommendations for your specific challenge. We can deliver the right solution–on time and on budget.


  • Content Marketing.  RH+M3 content strategists and project managers tackle marketing planning and execution with a dogged determination that’s best for you and your brand, in a balanced, iterative process that works.


  • Program KPIs and Analysis. Is your content marketing program having an impact? How do you know? Each content and message distribution channel–email, social media, website, mobile app, or print–provides unique data metrics that help determine success and give insights into opportunities for improvement. To be effective, the data you collect and analyze needs to be actionable, while also building into program-level key performance indicators (KPIs) that tell the program’s story for upper management. 


  • Vendor Management. Nowadays, specialty agencies are often brought together to plan, launch, and manage  content-marketing programs. RH+M3 can help you select and effectively manage those vendors and the writers and designers who create the program content. We have a winning, vendor-qualification and management model. We can oversee your vendor needs from RFP creation and arbitration, to multi-vendor management, to delivery.


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