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Messaging and Channel Management


Creating rich, engaging experiences is a matter of pride for RH+M3. Let us help you assemble multiple disciplines so that every area of the organization collaborates, from art direction and messaging to human factors and structural engineering. Our infectious enthusiasm and proactive management will energize every interaction with the following tools:


  • Audience Management. Meaningful customer engagement leads to rewarding experiences and strong bonds that bring longer life-cycles, steadier growth, and enhanced adoption rates. These engagements aren’t happenstance; they’re a result of identifying and managing a host of touch-points with sophistication and foresight. 


  • Editorial Calendaring. Without an editorial calendar bought into by your management and content stakeholders, a content-marketing program can get out of control. What must be done daily? What themes will be featured next quarter? What upcoming events require resources or content? RH+M3 is the nit-picky stickler that can create and maintain your editorial calendar to ensure all parties are continuously informed.


  • Channel Management. Your RH+M3 team is overseen by a program manager. And because every program focuses on reaching a specific audience via their favorite channels, we ensure your team includes respected industry writers and the appropriate specialists in message management, email design and HTML coding, deliverability and legal compliance, and results analysis. We know what we do well and will bring in outside expertise when your program requires it. And we’re happy to work with the agencies you already love!


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